Three wonderful reviews of Her Job after its Toronto premiere! Congratulations to the team!

The Hollywood Reporter

”A well-observed study of one woman’s unlikely liberation.”

”The socioeconomic turmoil of contemporary Greece is distilled into the simple yet effective story of one woman who finds gainful employment as a professional cleaner in Her Job, which marks a promising feature debut for writer-director Nikos Labot.

Told in a straightforward, realistic manner that at times recalls the Dardenne brothers, the film reveals how one of the most basic and least valued vocations can still mean the world for someone struggling to support a family and, even more so, to find a sense of self-worth. Bolstered by star Marisha Triantafyllidou’s subtly touching turn, this Toronto Discovery premiere could find a few pickups in Europe and elsewhere.”



Now Toronto

”Set against the backdrop of Greece’s recession, Her Job takes a sensitive look at how work and autonomy can change a person’s outlook.”

”Triantafyllidou’s performance is gentle and nuanced, and her expressive face is often heartbreaking. Director Labôt’s first feature beautifully meditates on the mundane (like the act of washing dishes and ironing clothes), and is an excellent reminder that all work can be meaningful.”



The Playlist

Co-written with subtle elegance by Labôt and Katerina Kleitsioti, they unfold Panayiota’s growing, multi-threaded world in modest doses, wisely leaving it in the capable hands of Triantafyllidou to communicate the violent changes occurring within the character with the smallest of gestures. In a genuinely stirring and remarkable performance, Triantafyllidou expresses Panayiota’s evolving strength of spirit and independence in the tiniest of measures; a shift in her countenance or an adjustment in how she carries herself. It’s a Herculean turn by the actress, made all the more so because you can hardly see the muscles she’s using.


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