We are pleased to announce that the animated short film LIGHTS & SHADOWS by Rastko Ćirić will have its World premiere at the upcoming 43rd Göteborg Film Festival.

LIGHTS & SHADOWS is adaptation of Goethe’s Faust, in which the main character, for knowledge, passion and power, sells his shadow to the Devil.

The production of Light and Shadow was supported by the Film Center of Serbia.



For the festival site, Midhat Ajanovic wrote:

Based on the Lichtspielhalle tradition, Rastko Ciric reminds us that the birthplace of animation is not film, but theater, and that moving pictures are above all a playful dance between light and shadow. The renowned Serbian animator’s latest film is a somewhat ironic look at the history of moving images.

Rastko Ćirić

Born in 1955. in Belgrade, Serbia. Professor of Illustration and Animation at the Faculty of Applied Arts, University of Arts, Belgrade. Vice-Rector of the University of Arts, Belgrade.

Founder of the subject of Animation at the FAA, Belgrade and the FAA Animation Studio (2006). 

Head of the Digital Arts Program of the Interdisciplinary PhD studies at the University of Arts, Belgrade.

He was illustrator of New York Times Book Review.

Made 15 animated films among which: Tango Ragtime (1985); The Tower of Bababel (1988, Zagreb Film); Ogres and Bogies (1989); Invisible and Poorly Visible Animal Species (1998); Metamorph (2005); Fantasmagorie (2008)…

Göteborg Film Festival will  take place January 24 – February 3, 2020.


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