Labour Day (The Return of Elijah)

Feature film, in full development

Original title: Ilijin povratak

Genre: Social drama, psychological thriller

Length: 100 min

Writer/director: Mladen Djordjevic

In co-operation with Corona Film

Supported by Film Center Serbia

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A small, withering town in Serbia. The factory, which once employed the entire town and the surrounding villages, is closed and the town is taken over by corrupt petty politicians, drug dealers and bullies.

SVETLANA (38) and a group of run down former factory workers have led a desperate fight of protest against the ruthless changeover. With less and less strength and will to protest, their exhaustion and frustration grows. Their daily routine is interrupted when the recently released prisoner MIJA enters the circle and offers a solution.

Following his instructions, they start invoking the dead and soon slide into performing satanistic rituals. They perform them rather clumsily, but thanks to them the desperate people find comfort and support in each other.

At the same time, fifty-year-old ELIJAH, a former factory worker who has been missing for months, is making his way, slowly, through the snowy mountain.

Once the arrogance of the local politicians and ther thugs becomes unbearable and the pressure on Svetlana and the other workers too hard – the mysterious Elijah appears in town. Led by him, the former factory workers start to take revenge on their exploiters and move in the bloody onslaught to freedom and the realization of their dreams.