Feature film in development

Original title: Salto u mestu

Genre: Social drama; Road movie

Length: 90 min

Director: Ivan Stojiljković

Writers: Ivan Stojiljković and Boris Grgurović

Producer: Marija Stojanović


Developed through MAIA Producers workshop



OLJA (44) is a single mom who lives in one of the many and in essence similar small towns in Serbia with her three sons – KOČA (19), DARE (17) and KID (9). Due to a legal debt to a Loan shark, Olja loses their family apartment. Lying to her sons about having a plan and some savings, she packs the car and escapes town with all three boys. Along the way, we realize that the family is divided. Everyone is only concerned with themselves and they are only united in their confrontation with the outside world, which often occurs due to their survival techniques – petty fraud and misdemeanours. Each of them has their own interests which damage the family. Therefore, Olja rushes into the unknown, taking them with her. Koča accumulates his dissatisfaction with his mother and secretly prepares to leave the family. Dare takes his girlfriend TARA (16) with them, which leads them into a series of inconveniences and complications. Kid, who is completely neglected by every member of the family, experiences a series of poetic and surreal images during the film that reveal to him the family’s true state. The culmination and awareness for all the characters comes shortly after Tara leaves, when Koča exposes Olja and reveals that he knows she has no plan. He then gets into a physical altercation with Dare. The family members have never been more alienated and have no idea what to do. Olja takes them to her mother-in-law’s house, where Kid, who is seemingly experiencing one of his visions, puts himself into mortal danger by standing on the edge of the house rooftop. The family saves him and realizes that the only way to survive in such a world is to stick together, and they are united at last. After their grandma let them know that they are no lenger welcome, the family returnes home without any idea wht to do. They come back to their old apartment but what they find there is the Loan shark. The confilict starts, Loan shark starts harresing Olja, he wants to kick them out of the apartment. The conflict turns into a physical fight between the Loan shark and her sons so impulsively Olja stabs and killes the Loan shark. Olja realises what she has done, so do the sons. Olja calmly sits down with the boys and finally they have their breakfast together, for the last time.