Showtime: The Rise and Fall of Sara and Laki Popovic

Showtime: Uspon i pad Sare i Lakija Popovića

Genre: Family

Writers: Milica Zivanovic, Matthias Nerlich

”Showtime” is a family music film about the importance of friendship and family.

Sara (12) helps her brother Laki (8) with his performance in the talents show Showtime, but when he freezes, she shines in all her talent instead. Sara becomes the new star of the show, but Laki is devastated and can’t stand her. The grand finals of the show are coming close and Sara’s whole family goes to Slovenian mountains to support her. Just as the finals are about to start, Sara and Laki accidentally create an avalanche and get cut off from the civilization. While waiting to be discovered in the snow and thanks to the acquaintance with a mountain man Georg, Sara and Laki take another glance at their life priorities.