Lights & Shadows

A new short animated film by the legend of Yugoslav animation Rastko Ćirić

A shadow-theatre performance about a man who sold his shadow to the devil.

Director, character design, animation: Rastko Ćirić

Producers: Milan Stojanović, Iva Ćirić

Genre: Animated cartoon

Length: 10′ 23”

Supported by Film Center Serbia

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Project presented at Visegrad Animation Forum, Animateka Pro Pitch (Best Pitch Award)


About the author

Rastko Ćirić is a living legend of Yugoslavian animation.

He is a professor at the University of Arts in Belgrade and he has also been teaching at the University of Arts in Nova Gorica in Slovenia, helping in the making of several generations of animators and illustrators in the region.

Rastko made 15 short animated films, which won several dozens of domestic and international awards.