The Way of the East

Documentary film

Length: 52 min.

Desanka is a fortune-teller.

How does the day pass for a woman like this, how does her closest family live with her, and does she solve her own problems with the same ease as the problems of others?

We might think that this is just easy money for frauds. We think many things, but rarely entertain the fact that these fortune-tellers, witches or whatever we call them, have a life, a home, a family.


64th Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival – Competition

Director: Katarina Mutić           Written by: Ivan Stančić, Katarina Mutić

Cinematographer: Nemanja veselinović               Editor: Natasa Pantić

Music: Pavle Popov     Sound design: Vladan Koki Korać

Executive producer: Milan Stojanović

Genre: Family drama

Length: 52 min.

Language: Serbian, Vlach

Supported by Film Center Serbia

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