Blame on Me (Somersault)


Feature fiction in development

Original title: Salto u mestu

Genre: Social drama; Road movie

Length: 90 min

Writer/Director: Ivan Stojiljković

Associate writer: Boris Grgurović

Producer: Marija Stojanović


Developed through MAIA Producers workshop and MIDPOINT Intensive Serbia


Supported by Film Center Serbia




After losing their home due to a debt, Olja (46) a single mom of three, decides to leave town with her sons. The family has no clear idea where they are going and, along the way, they hustle almost every situations they get themselves into, in order to survive. As Olja unsuccessfully tries to resolve the roof over their heads, she finds out that she has been tricked by the executor on the case. These events lead to a big family crush, even a physical fight amongst two sons who in the end blame Olja for everything that went wrong in their lives, including the abandonment of their father. At this point Olja is determent to do something meaningful for her cubs. The family decides to get back home and try to recoup their apartment. Their come back takes an unexpected turn of events which makes Olja defend her family the only way she knows how. Even if it means taking away her own freedom.